Have you ever seen the back of Monnalisa in Leonardo's painting?

When you are looking at a picture, aren’t you curious to see what there is behind the photographer?

Bergamo 3D Rhinoplasty opens new frontiers to surgeon's experience: cases filing, communication and self-analysis will never be the same.

surgical data

A digital format for patients’ folders, photos, reports, CTs, etc renders paper out of date.
Save medical history, pre- and post-ops, planned surgery worksheet and surgical procedure in a patient personal folder, which can include all file extensions.

with the patient

Grafts, flaps … bone, cartilage … osteotomies low-to-low and low-to-high … are we sure that patients really understand what we mean?
Consider using an impressive and easy to understand communication tool!

with your colleagues

How actually tedious is the stereotyped ‘shopping list’ of procedures and grafts used in a rhinoplasty?
How time-consuming and irksome is the frequent misunderstanding on grafts’ or suture’s position?
Save stress and words … the 3D model speaks for you!

your results by self-analysis

Rhinoplasty surgery is a life-long walk to excellence.
The ever increasing number of procedures, combinations and options and their diverse combinations call for a rigorous self-analysis that compares performed surgery with the actual outcome for each patient. Bergamo 3D Rhinoplasty makes this easy and fast.

Take a look at the video presentation